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McKenzie, Paul and Associates’ collectors are HIPAA compliant and well versed in dealing with patients and their insurance carriers.

Our collectors strictly adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as all applicable state guidelines. McKenzie, Paul and Associates attains some of the highest recovery rates in the collections industry.

Keep in mind that when choosing a firm for your collection needs, by choosing McKenzie Paul and Associates, you are not choosing a fly-by-night collection agency. We have a proven and solid foundation and have earned that since 2004.

Medical collections have been a large part of the history and the foundation of McKenzie Paul and Associates. One of our larger medical clients have been with us since 2009 and place a large volume of medical accounts each month. In return, they enjoy one of the highest recovery rates in the collection industry.

In 2015, health care costs are expected to grow 6.8 percent overall. Higher deductibles are an enormous part of the increase in costs.

While more people are expected to be insured, more out-of-pocket expenses are to be expected. The average American individual is expected to pay on average 30 percent of total annual health care costs out of pocket.


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    With the expected rise in health care costs and the greater out-of-pocket expenses to individuals and families, the medical collections industry is expected to grow significantly. McKenzie, Paul and Associates is well prepared for the possible influx of new accounts in medical collections.

    A goal at McKenzie, Paul and Associates, in regards to our medical collections debtors is to treat them with sensitivity and compassion. Our hope is that our professionalism will recover the debt from the patients in a manner that will make the patient feel comfortable enough to return to their original provider for further health care.

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