Retail & Commercial Collections

Retail Commercial Collections

McKenzie, Paul, and Associates has a department that handles retail and commercial collection accounts.

Collecting from businesses that have defaulted on payments or have found one reason or another to consider non-payment justified can be a challenge. Just as collecting from customers that decide not to pay on a contract or business transaction can be challenging.

Occasionally filing a claim on a company’s surety bond is required, while other times it just takes some reorganizing and resubmitting invoices that are on PO systems. Accounts receivable management and organization can often help aid in collecting on accounts before collection services are needed or required. Then there are times that require more aggressive action against the debtor that begin with skip tracing the debtor, then it might include further investigation of the company/debtor, filing liens against the debtor, and possibly filing suit against them.

McKenzie, Paul’s recovery rate on commercial collections is superior. We also have a network of attorneys locally and across the country that are on hand if a suit needs to be filed. Between McKenzie, Paul and our attorneys, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients.


    Who We Serve

    Our retail/commercial clients range from individuals needing to recover monies due to them from companies to small companies to Fortune 500 companies that encompass dozens of subsidiary companies trying to recover debts owed to them on small and large contracts and all the different types of clients in between. We accept all accounts, big or small. The industries that we collect for range across the board.

    New accounts can be uploaded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online placement portal. As always, our consultations are free. Contact us at or 512-420-0677. Smaller companies interested in Accounts Receivable management, organization, and/or restructuring, contact us.

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