Shelley D.

Amazing! I own a company in Las Vegas Nevada… I had a few accounts that no matter what I did or said WOULD NOT PAY! Thanks to the Mckenzie Paul group.. I got my money.  I chose to do an aggressive collection method… And it worked!! For the poor reviews.. I have to say… IT DOES COST MONEY It is worth it!

There fees were reasonable! Service was professional, prompt.. and I got my money in quick time!  Thank you!!
Just a not to the idiot that gave the other reviews… I have to laugh at you.. OUT LOUD.. do you get up and go to work for no money?? I know I don’t!!  So.. Yes there are fees disclosed…and I was happy to pay them.. I found them fair and reasonable… When you HIRE a collection company.. you have already been screwed… and LOST the money… so to get a large portion of it back.. It is worth it.

Christopher C.

Mike at McKenzie Paul did an excellent job of collecting debt from a client of ours that wouldn’t pay. The fees he charges are well worth it. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this debt collection agency. I would highly recommend them.

Cassandra C.

I contacted McKenzie and Paul to help me recover about $16000 that I thought I would never see again. Our contractors on the house took our money but did not pay their subcontractors, and we ended up having to double pay everyone. We paid  McKenzie and Paul a flat fee to attempt to recover the funds. And when they couldn’t they filed a lawsuit on the business for us. They were diligent in their efforts and eventually after about a year and a half, the defendant finally agreed to pay a monthly fee to us for the next X number of years. We didn’t have to pay any more fees to get to this point, and for every check we receive McK&P would take 1/3. This is money we didn’t expect to see again and we are glad Mck&P was able to help us reduce our losses.

Krista I.

Nothing but nice, professional service from this company.  They were able to get our invoice paid after several attempts and threats we had made before attempting collections.  I would for sure use them again for any future problems!!!

Sandi H.

I have worked with McKenzie Paul & Associates while working at three separate companies. I first worked with them while employed by a newspaper in Mesa, AZ. They were able to collect most accounts we sent to them. We used this agency to collect our largest and most difficult accounts, and they did not disappoint. I then used the same agency when working in Carson City, NV. We did not have very many accounts that were difficult, but MPA collected what was placed with them. I am now using them while working with am employer in Scottsdale, AZ. The accounts we send are very difficult and they are still able to recover most of the amounts I believed to be a total loss. I recommend MPA to anyone who has difficult accounts that need be recovered!

Delia M.

I’ve been working with McKenzie Paul & Associates for a few years.  They were referred to me by my lawyer when I was considering filing with the small claims court.  My lawyer suggested going thru a collections agency could be a more efficient, effective and a cheaper option. What a blessing to have found these guys for my small business!  Thankfully, I do not have to call them often but when I do, they are quite successful in collecting on the money owed to us by other businesses. I find them to be fair, honest and up front about my chances, fees etc… I imagine some of the bad ratings listed for them are from those folks who OWE money and have to deal with this company.  It sucks to get calls from a collection agency just as much as it sucks to have provided services and not be paid in good faith.

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