Shelley D.

Amazing! I own a company in Las Vegas Nevada… I had a few accounts that no matter what I did or said WOULD NOT PAY! Thanks to the Mckenzie Paul group.. I got my money.  I chose to do an aggressive collection method… And it worked!! For the poor reviews.. I have to say… IT DOES COST MONEY It is worth it!

There fees were reasonable! Service was professional, prompt.. and I got my money in quick time!  Thank you!!
Just a not to the idiot that gave the other reviews… I have to laugh at you.. OUT LOUD.. do you get up and go to work for no money?? I know I don’t!!  So.. Yes there are fees disclosed…and I was happy to pay them.. I found them fair and reasonable… When you HIRE a collection company.. you have already been screwed… and LOST the money… so to get a large portion of it back.. It is worth it.

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