How We Collect 

McKenzie, Paul & Associates utilizes several different tactics to collect your money. Listed below are the different ways we can help you improve your A/R department and assist your in-house process.
Skip Tracing
Finding the debtor is one of the biggest frustrations in trying to recover accounts and where many agencies fail. With millions of people some are difficult for businesses to find due to events such as relocation, name change or a change in employment status. The large majority of these people neglect to inform you of these life changes, resulting in lost money to your company and an increase in receivables. Skip tracing- is the art of locating people and their assets. MPA has it down to a science. We are one of the only agencies in the country with an actual, on-staff licensed private investigator overseeing our skip trace department. Our investment in this important area offers a huge advantage to our clients. Their expertise, coupled with access to the leading locate databases, ensure our locate rates are far higher than agencies that rely on free searches or aren’t equipped with comparable tools. To you, this means we will locate your debtors and their assets, turning bad debt. AR Consulting MPA has helped clients reduce or avoid customer delinquency and write-offs by providing consulting services to companies of various sizes and industries. Our experienced account receivable management professionals will show you how to increase cash flow and customer retention while reducing bad debt loss while improving customer service in the process. Judgment Collection An astounding 80% of all judgments are never recovered. Most people don’t know that when a judgment are awarded, the court it not responsible for its enforcement — they are. MPA has the experience, resources and diligence to enforce judgment collections on judicial judgments and we operate on this level nationwide. Some “judgment recovery agents” are merely start-up, home based businesses with little or no experience. Conversely, for over ten years, we’ve been successfully collecting judgments of all sizes. Our proven system combines licensed private investigators with experienced collection professionals and attorneys nationwide. Our skill in collecting in large, court-ordered judgments has taught us to conduct a thorough investigation that will expose any assets or sources of income. We’re then able to take the necessary steps to legally seize those funds so you can get back your lost monies. At no upfront cost or risk to you, we can collect your unpaid judgment plus any unpaid interest for which you are legally entitled. Time is of the essence. Judgments are subject to a statute of limitations. The sooner you act the better. Whether you have one or one thousand unpaid judgments, we have the resources and experience to start recovering this lost revenue today. 
NSF Checks significantly reduces your bottom line and can put you in a difficult position when it comes to customer relations. Having MPA manage this for you is a more cost-effective approach; getting you the money you are owed for the service or product you provided without costing you more time and aggravation. Bad check recovery should be handled by a professional and experienced collection representative. By law, we’re able to recover your money as well as any bank fees. In many cases, additional fees can be added to help offset our collection fee. Our skip tracing service allows us to find the lost check writer in the event that the person can’t  be located. We can also work with cease payments when the debtor stops payment on the check.  
Asset and Liability Investigation
McKenzie, Paul & Associates uses the same systems that your local police and F.B.I agents use to find out information on your debtors. This investigation will allow you to secure your feelings about your debtor. If you have noticed a change in buying and paying methods please be assured you have a problem on your hands.
We can run a report that will make everything more clear for you. This report will inform you as to what financial crisis your debtor is in. They might be in the process of filing bankruptcy. The only way you would know is by receiving a certified letter from their attorney and by then it's too late. Your debtor might have several liens and judgments. Once we run this search we can point you in the right direction. Whether it be filing suit or placing them for collections you will know you have made the right decision.
Experienced Collectors
McKenzie, Paul & Associates Inc. runs background checks on all its employees. We pride ourselves in having the most professional employee in our industry. We require that all collectors have more than 4 years of commercial collections experience. All our employees have monthly compliance reviews. We at McKenzie, Paul & Associates Inc. understand that we are dealing with much more then your delinquent accounts. Our collectors comprehend that your customers are one of a kind and try to rebuild the once profitable relationship that was lost.
Attorney Network
Full-Service Litigation Fortunately, MPA’s collection programs can manage the large majority of accounts. However, there are a small number of accounts that require our full-service litigation program; but only after all other efforts have been completely exhausted.\ McKenzie, Paul & Associates Inc. uses attorneys in every corner of the world to make sure that your funds are recovered. Our attorneys use several methods that are free to you to collect your lost funds. Once our in-house collectors feel that they have exhausted their efforts then our network of attorneys begins to work. We have several different programs that will help you secure a judgment against your debtor. If liens laws still apply in your state we can secure your interest by having one of our commercial law league attorneys file the lien for you. (Separate rates will apply) Our litigation program is designed to handle all necessary litigation claims in an unwavering, firm but professional manner. A licensed private investigator completes a thorough financial investigation on the debtor. In the event of a bankruptcy or insolvency, further due diligence may be performed to determine our next steps. This guarantees that only very qualified cases with probable recovery are referred to an attorney for final collection.
This investigation’s outcome will typically yield one of the following:
  • We determine that the possibility of recovery is not likely and you won’t pay a cent. Accounts will be returned to the collection queue for future efforts.
  • During the investigation, information is obtained that will assist our efforts to resolve the account prior to litigation. The account is returned to the pre-legal queue for further work.
  • Our recommendation is full litigation and you decide how to proceed. Only you have the power to authorize this step, in writing, in order for us to move forward. When legal action is appropriate and only after we receive your written authorization along with onetime payment for the upfront legal costs to begin, our affiliated attorneys file a lawsuit and resume the collection process until we encounter a successful resolution. In this situation, the debtor may be held responsible for our fee and you will typically be awarded the entire amount you are due.